About Greener 4 Life

Supporting Environmental Awareness & Conservation Activities

At greener4life, I work hard to cover topics dealing with the Global Green Industry. My goal is to provide unbiased information to allow you to weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

We believe that for us to make the extensive changes required, the global community will need to work together as one team.

A lot of time and effort goes into providing all relevant information on the topics that we cover. The goal is to make the information easy to understand, increasing its assessability to anyone who ends up on the site.

This website aims to provide easy to understand resources about renewable and clean energy, deforestation, waste pollution, gardening, different agriculture methods, green living, and much more.

While I spend my time in the United States and Canada, this website covers relevant topics regardless of where you might live.

I have been interested in the outdoors and sustainable living from a young age, from going out on long hikes with my grandfather to working in the outdoor garden with my mom. Nature has always interested me.

I am now carrying on these traditions with my children.

I still go hiking on weekends, but since my grandfather is no longer with me, I am now exploring different forested areas with my two youngest daughters. Our current favorite activity being foraging for berries and identifying different varieties of mushrooms.