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Learning more about renewable energy and sustainable living has been an interest I have been hoping to explore for some time now. It is my goal to provide accurate and easily understandable information from as many different legitimate sources as I can possibly find.

It is my goal to bring practical products & information on sustainable living. While looking into the different ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

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Intercropping and Crop Rotation

Why You Should Use Intercropping and Crop Rotation

If you are wondering what the difference between Intercropping and Crop Rotation, you are not alone. Both Intercropping and Crop Rotation are different ways of setting up multiple cropping systems. The most basic definition is that Intercropping will grow 2 or more crops at the same time mixed in together.

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25 Wave Energy Pros And Cons

Every Advantage and Disadvantage of Wave Power

Since our tides, ocean waves and river currents contain kinetic and potential energy. We can harness this power to generate electricity.
I have looked everywhere I could find, to compile the ultimate list of every advantage and disadvantage wave energy has. So keep reading and decide if wave power is something you think we should be investing our time and money.

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21 Biomass Boiler Pros And Cons

Every Advantage and Disadvantage of Biomass Boilers

Biomass energy is a renewable resource that can help to heat our homes. By replacing our reliance on fossil fuels with biomass, we can reduce the number of emissions that we are releasing.

So keep reading and check out every advantage and disadvantage that results from us using biomass energy.

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