How do you treat Scindapsus Aureum?

Scindapsus Aureum The Money Plant?

Scindapsus Aureum

The Scindapsus Aureum has become a popular house plant all over the world.

It is easy to care for and does not require much attention to keep thriving.

You want to give it a well-draining potting mix and bright but indirect sunlight.

It does best in temperatures between 65-75˚F (18-24˚C) and a humidity level greater than 50%. The plant tends to respond best in environments that are right around 60%.

Many people have found that the plant responds to a fertilizer with an NPK of 20-10-10. You can apply more fertilizer every couple of months to keep the plant nice and healthy.

How Do You Treat Scindapsus Aureum?

You need to place the plant in an area that is not in direct sunlight but not too dark. If you notice that brown spots are starting to develop on the plant's leaves, that usually indicates that its current location is too dark.

Depending on where you live, you may need to water the plant more in the summer or the winter. Where I live, the heat always on is freezing in the winter, making my environment very dry and requiring me to water more in the winter.

During the summer, the humidity in my house is a lot higher, resulting in me needing to water the plant less.

Watch the leaves for any wilting. This is a sign that it is not getting watered often enough, so increase how often you water it until these signs go away.

Water enough, so the soil is nice and moist but not drowning in water. Too much water will cause the plant's roots to start rooting, and you will notice the leaves browning.

Do Scindapsus Like To Climb?

This perennial can get planted as a trailer or a climber.

They are natural climbers in the wild and generally climb up other plants or trees.

It is an easy houseplant to train to climb, or you can prune it to keep it looking more like a traditional houseplant.

Scindapsus Aureum Flower

Most people do not know that Scindapsus Aureum actually flowers because it is very rare for those kept indoors to bloom.

When they do flower, they resemble the Anthurium Flamingo Flower. Still, they have a greenish-colored spathe from which a tubular spadix protrudes.

Is Scindapsus A Devil's Ivy?

Yes, the Scindapsus Aureus is also commonly referred to as devils ivy and more widely known as the money plant. You will find them in many homes, and people like to beleive that this plant will bring good luck, prosperity, and, of course, money.

The real reason it is referred to as a money plant is not that it will help us get rich but because the leaves look like money, which is the general symbol of money in most places.

Is Scindapsus A Pothos

Yes, the Scindapsus Aureus falls under the umbrella of a Pothos. Pothos plants a not a single variety of plants like many people think. Multiple plants fall under the category of pothos, and the Scindapsus Aureus is one of them.

Where Do Scindapsus Plants Grow?

The Scindapsus is a member of the Araceae family and is native to the forest of Southeast Asia woods. In the wild, the plant's leaves can grow up to 100 cm long.

This tropical plant tolerates dark and dry places well.

How Long Does It Take For Scindapsus To Root?

On average, it will take a Scindapsus 4 to 6 weeks for rooting to occur. While using water to root it, you must make sure you have multiple cuts.

The roots developed in the water are not the same type of roots developed when rooted in soil. Many of the cuttings rooted in water will not survive the transplant to soil.

Your cuttings should be three to four inches long, cut from immediately below a node, cut at a 45-degree angle, and remove the bottom leaf to maximize the plant's chance of rooting.

Place the cutting into a well-moistened pot with equal parts peat moss and coarse perlite potting mixture. Place the plant one and a half to two inches into the soil.

You need to use either a humidity dome or place it into a see-through plastic bag in a bright, filtered light area. You want to add a couple small holes into the bag to help prevent mold away.

After a few weeks and rooting has begun, you can now remove the plastic covering and water the medium moderately.

After another month, you can place the plant into a larger pot with a potting mix as a medium. The size of the plant's container will determine the root system and the plant's overall size.

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The Scindapsus Aureum, or money plant for most, is a popular house plant for many people worldwide.

It is easy to grow and does not require much time or skill to keep it alive. Most will thrive with only being fertilized every couple of months.

You can use it as a climber or basic pruning to keep it looking like a traditional house plan.